Caring for Your Gold Jewelry in the Summer

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry in the Summer

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Welcome to Mionza's guide to care your precious summer jewelry under the sun in warm weather. With the warm seasons approaching, we are here to make your gold jewelry shine brightly throughout the summer. You can learn how to care for your beach jewelry, the best way to clean jewelry, and how to clean gold necklaces to maintain its sparkling appeal, especially in this active season. You can also access our unique Mionza collection by clicking on the photos below.

Remove Gold Jewelry Before Swimming

Before diving in, you can remove your precious summer jewelry and enjoy the refreshing waters without worry. You can always keep your gold necklaces attractive by protecting them from chlorine and salt water. For example, pearl necklaces, one of the indispensable accessories of the summer months, represent elegance and delicacy. However, factors such as hot weather and seawater can affect the durability of your triple pearl necklace. Substances such as seawater and sunscreen can reduce the natural shine of pearls and shorten the life of your necklace. Keep your triple pearl necklace in a safe place before it comes into contact with water. 

Keep Your Gold Jewelry Clean

You can embrace the art of taking care of your summer jewelry, especially in the summer, and let it spread its splendor at this active time of the year. Protect your precious gold cross bracelet from the effects of sweat and sunscreen residue that can darken over time. After wearing the gold rosary bracelet, you can make it a habit to clean it regularly with a soft cloth to maintain its shine. For thorough cleaning, you can use warm water, mild soap, and a soft-bristled brush. The gold rosary bracelet will shine like the summer sun.


Protect Your Gemstone Jewelry From Long-Term Sunlight

Take advantage of the warmth of the sun while protecting some gemstones from discoloration. Avoid exposing your gemstone bracelets and gemstone necklaces to direct sunlight for long periods. Choose shaded places or let your gold jewelry shine like the sun by completing your style with dazzling onyx station necklaces from Mionza's summer collection.


Store Your Gold Earrings Correctly

Store your favorite gold earrings in a cool, dry place to keep them shining for many summers to come. After a day of summer adventures, pamper your gold butterfly earrings by storing them properly. Choose jewelry boxes with fabric linings or separate compartments that allow each piece to retain its shine.


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