Founded by visionary sisters, MIONZA continues a family tradition in fine jewelry since 1980. As a proud women-owned brand, we uphold a legacy of excellence and passion in every creation.
Thank you for being part of our journey.
Thank you for being part of our journey.

Inspiring Happiness with MIONZA


MIONZA leverages years of industry experience to craft collections that inspire happiness. We blend exquisite design with affordable pricing, making luxury accessible. Our strength lies in our keen attention to the diverse expectations of our global clientele, ensuring each piece resonates with elegance and personal significance.


Experience In The Jewelry Industry

Ayse, a passionate jewelry designer, maker and co-founder of MIONZA, embarked on her life's adventure from computer programming at Bilkent University to design in New York, where her story and her sister's converge I studied there at Parsons The New School for Design.

Published Her First Book

Fueled by her love for jewelry, Ayse trained at GIA and HRD, then honed her craft with a master jeweler, delving into design and the intricate world of gemstones. After a few years, she founds herself as an instructor at the workbench. After becoming an artisan, with my master, we published a book called “Traditional Goldsmith Techniques” for jewelers and designers

Jewelry Design Tutor on HRD

Ayse then returned to HRD company, where I had previously attended training courses as a student, this time as Jewelry Design Tutor.


Mionza on Etsy showcases a legacy of fine handcrafted jewelry, merging traditional artisanship with contemporary design, and marking significant milestones in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Mionza expanded its presence with an Amazon store, aiming to broaden its customer base and share the unique Mionza jewelry experience with a wider audience. Goes Live!

Following success on marketplaces, debuts, showcasing their distinguished jewelry range and bringing their unique design ethos directly to customers globally.

Mionza: Exclusively Ours and Yours

Mionza Achieves Registered Trademark Status in the US

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