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We have partnered with Impact to provide you with a market leading performance-advertising program. Performance advertising is simple; you receive large earnings for promoting high quality, unique products or services to your audience.

What is the process for applying to the content creator program?

To apply for our content creator program, simply fill out the application form on our website. You can find the form and more details from here.

What are the follower requirements for joining the content creator program?

There is no specific follower count requirement to apply for our content creator program. We welcome all creators who are passionate about fashion and jewelry, regardless of their follower count. We value quality content and genuine engagement over numbers.

What type of content is expected from participants in the content creator program?

We seek content that showcases our jewelry creatively and authentically. This includes product reviews, lifestyle photography, and fashion inspiration. We encourage our creators to express their unique personalities and be themselves while highlighting our products

What frequency and level of support can affiliates expect from the program?

Our affiliates receive regular updates and dedicated support to ensure their success. Our team is readily available to address any queries and provide guidance on optimizing affiliate efforts. We believe in maintaining open communication and strong support for our affiliate partners.

What criteria must be fulfilled to qualify as an affiliate for your jewelry brand?

To become an affiliate with our jewelry brand, interested individuals and businesses are welcome to apply. However, certain standards need to be met. These include maintaining an active website or social media presence and focusing on fashion or jewelry-related content. Our team meticulously reviews each application to ensure potential affiliates align well with our brand values and aesthetic.


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